Our Services


Our Services

Delice is organizing an exciting events and private parties to institutions, companies , associations and unions in its restaurant in the second floor, in addition it presents lunches and dinners for families and individuals in a highest professional way , taking into account the variety of the best Palestinian, Lebanese, Syrian food and beverage.

As well as hosting the Christmas and providing the best types of cakes, in addition the possibility of printing the personal photo on the cake and delivering it to homes ( by request ).

As we host companies’, banks’ and private and public institutions’ occasions for organizing workshops , conferences, meetings and panel discussions also we offer for them the best services and looking for their needs, and we look always for the best also we have a trained stuff to host these institutions and to provide excellent services for them.

The company imported coffee from its original sources and it is the only company which imports coffee in Palestine, it imports the finest types of Arab coffee and Espresso, we prepare it with the latest toasters, grinding coffee machines and packaging at the level of Palestine, taking into account the health and safety requirements for the Palestinian people according to the specifications of global health.